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It’s a great feeling – to hold a real, professionally printed, book in your hands… A book that you wrote!

The majority of books we produce are digitally printed at our Porlock premises. The digital print process produces a high quality finished book with sharp text and crisp bright images. Digital printing is more cost effective than litho printing for smaller runs of up to approximately 750 – 1,000 copies.

The main considerations are:

1. Paper

Most books are printed on a 100gsm smooth bright white uncoated paper or 130gsm coated paper.

The 100gsm uncoated paper is great for crisp text and images and is the most popular choice. A 130gsm gloss or silk coated paper is often chosen where a book has high number of images or a thicker, premium feel is desired.

We can print your book on a huge variety of paper thicknesses and finishes – just ask.

2. Binding

Book binding falls into two main categories – Paperback and Hardback (or Hardcover).

Paperback or softback books have a card cover that is glued in place over the inside text section. There are variations of the techniques and adhesives used. The highest quality most durable method is known as PUR Binding – this is the process we recommend.

Hardback or Hardcover (or Casebound) books have a cover made from paper or cloth stretched over boards to make a ‘case’. The inside text section is bound either by thread sewing or glueing. The cover is then drawn on to make the finished book.

3. Qty – Run Length

The number of copies printed is usually the biggest factor in determining the unit price of the book. The larger the quantity the lower the unit price.

The ‘curve’ of reducing unit price with run length is quite steep. It is worth considering the question of quantity carefully. Too small a quantity and your book’s unit price may be high. Having a larger number will reduce the unit price but you need to consider the time and effort required to sell them.

Naturally you can have your book reprinted or produce a second edition. Reprints and second editions will always be cheaper because much of the design and artworking is already done.

How much will your book cost to print?

Find out now with our price estimate calculator

 I have used First Digital Print to publish several of my books for Genge Press, ranging from one of over 300 pages to smaller paperbacks, many with illustrations. I have always been more than satisfied with Mark’s excellent service. 

Sue Lloyd, Genge Press

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