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01643 862419   info@firstdesignprintweb.co.uk

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turn around time?

DESIGN & TYPESETTING: We’ll have a cover design and sample chapter proof ready in one week. When the design is approved we will have the entire book completed and a proof ready within two weeks.

Do I need an ISBN number / bar code?

You don’t need an ISBN number however there are benefits to having one: it records the existence of your book for posterity and people can find it by searching the British Library catalogue. Also an ISBN barcode can be printed on the back cover – a barcode is often a requirement for retails stocking your book.

Can I purchase my own ISBN number?

Yes, the process is done online at the UK ISBN Agency Nielsen or we can take care of it for you. Single ISBN numbers (and registration) cost £89. 10 ISBN’s cost £164. See www.nielsenisbnstore.com.

Can I publish a hard and paper back?

Yes. We can produce both hardback and paperback books. You will need a separate ISBN for each (likewise e-Books).

Will I receive a physical hard proof before proceeding to print?

Yes – we’ll produce a printed hard copy proof for you to approve prior to printing. It may not be bound as per the finished book but will give you a clear picture of how the finished book will look and feel.

Do I need to send a copy of my book to the British Library?

Yes. If you don’t send one they will request a copy. Likewise the five other major libraries of the UK and Ireland may also request copies.This system is called legal deposit and it’s been a part of English law since 1662.

Is there a word or page limit?

No. We can produce books of any pagination.

How should I supply the manuscript?

Usually people have typed the book themselves (or had someone do it for you). This ‘typescript’ can be emailed to us – as a Microsoft Word file, PDF file, etc.

How do I decide on the retail price of my book?

There are a lot of factors to consider when pricing your book – your motivation for producing the book is a big one: if you are producing your book principally because you want to ‘get it out there’ or you feel it’s message is important to people you may not be concerned with making a profit on sales.

If you want retailers to stock your book you will need to consider their margin (usually they will want 40% of selling price).

You also need to consider the costs of marketing and distributing your book. You may sell your book direct to the public at book signings or when you give talks to groups for example.

When all is said and done however customer expectation is the biggest factor in successfully pricing your book – you need to pitch it at a price people are prepared to pay.

Have a look at the pricing of similar titles or books appealing to the same audience for an idea of what readers are used to paying. Most A5 size paperbacks we produce are priced under £10.

Is there a minimum quantity?

No. However to be cost effective print runs are usually over 100-200 copies. We do not currently have a ‘print-on-demand’ facility.

Do you publish children’s books?

Yes. Books for younger children naturally tend to be image led and have different material specifications than, for example, paperbacks for an adult audience. If you are considering producing a children’s book please get in touch for specialist advice and pricing (our website price calculator is not suitable for this sort of book).

Do I have to pay VAT?

No. Books are not subject to VAT – so there’s no VAT to pay. The prices we quote you are nett with no additional charges.

Payment terms – When do I pay for my book?

We want you to be delighted with your self published book – we won’t charge you a penny until you are completely satisfied with how your book will look.

Upon sign-off of the proofs we ask for a payment of 50% of the total price. The remaining 50% is payable upon delivery of your fabulous new book.

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