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What’s an e-Book?

An e-Book is a book that is distributed in digital form to be read on an electronic device such as a kindle, iPad or computer. An e-Book might also be available as a printed book. Many e-Books are solely text but they can include images, hyperlinks, etc.

All sorts of books are published as e-Books: classic works, niche interest books, reference and technical titles.

You can publish your book as a conventional printed book, as an e-Book, or both.


Why choose to publish your book as an e-Book?

✓ Low price: No printing and delivery costs, no stock
✓ Convenient: Readers can access their large library of books on the move
✓ Searchable: For guidebooks, technical and reference works readers can search within the book
✓ Availability: Can be found and downloaded 24/7, worldwide. Can also be made available for print-on-demand
✓ Speed: An e-Book can be published on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing site and made available within a day

An e-Book can be produced in different file formats such as .pdf, .epub and AZW formats. AZW is the Amazon Kindle file format.

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Amazon Kindle Editions

The most popular platform for publishing e-Books is Amazon’s Kindle. The e-Book is sold and downloaded from the Amazon Kindle Store and can be read on an Amazon Kindle reader device or other compatible devices.

Amazon has a tool for creating Kindle editions on their Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing website. Having an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account also allows you to have an author profile on Amazon via Amazon’s Author central.

You can use the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service yourself or we can take care of everything for you, including:

  • Preparing your typescript
  • Styling and refining specifically for a Kindle edition
  • Setting up your Amazon KDP account
  • Setting categories, pricing, description, etc.
  • Check everything is set up correctly and hand back to you

*Price: from just £250+VAT

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 I can’t fault the service First provided – they made it very simple and stress free! They were helpful at all times and very reliable. When I run out of books I will be looking to use them again to reprint. The e-book has been a hit – I’ve had some lovely reviews! 

Mollie Jo Lynch