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Everyone has at least one book in them – now it’s easier than ever to get it out…

Many of us dream about writing a book; a novel, a guidebook or perhaps our memoirs. We’ve all thought about it, we might even have gone as far as to write it – but then comes the biggest challenge of all, getting it into print. The good news is that we are here to make it easy!

Why choose First for your book project?

  Successfully produced a wide variety of books
  Skilled and experienced staff
  In house, on-site production facilities
  Desire to make your book project a success

Whatever the requirement, we’ve got it covered…

Whether you’re starting your book from scratch or just need to get it into print, we’ve got it covered.

What is Self Publishing?

Self publishing is the act of publishing a book yourself – without the involvement of an established publishing house. You will be in control of everything from approving proofs and cover design through to marketing and distributing your book. You can self publish your book by having books printed or by publishing as an e-book for use with a kindle device, etc.

By self publishing you are in complete control of how your book looks, how many are printed, where they are sold and so on. You also take on the cost of producing and distributing your book.


How much does it cost to Self Publish?

The cost of self publishing a book varies. The two main cost elements are:

1. Design, typesetting and artwork

Usually you will need an experienced professional to assist with the design of the book cover, layout and typesetting of pages and to produce a proof. The cost is principally determined by the length of the book – word count and number of pages.

For an Amazon kindle edition it is possible to produce the e-book from your Microsoft Word file yourself. An attractive cover design is still important however.

The boon of using a professional is that you will gain insights from their experience and end up with a book that is appealing to the consumer – so it is more likely to sell.

2. Printing the physical books

The cost of printing is determined by the size of book, number of pages, how many pages have colour images and the quantity you have printed.

Binding style also affects the cost of your book. Hardback or casebound books are expensive to produced. Most self published books we produce are PUR Bound as a paperback book.


ISNB (International Standard Book Number) Numbers

An ISBN number identifies your book and is used by booksellers, libraries and retailers. The ISBN identifies the registrant as well as the specific title, edition and format. An ISBN is useful in two ways:

1. People can find it
It identifies your book and allows it to be found by searching in the British Library catalogue. You need to deposit a copy of your book with the British Library upon publication. The five other major libraries of the UK and Ireland may also request copies. This system is called legal deposit and it’s been a part of English law since 1662.

2. Retailers can sell it
Your book can feature the ISBN printed as a barcode so retailers can easily stock it and sell it with their electronic tills and stock management systems.

NB: There is no legal requirement to have an ISBN but it does make it easier for people to find it and sell it. It also ads a bit of gravitas and the benefit of the book’s existence being recorded for posterity.

How do you get an ISBN?

You can find out more about ISBN’s, register as a publisher and purchase ISBN’s at Nielsen ISBN Store www.nielsenisbnstore.com, or we can sort it out on your behalf.

Kindle Editions & e-Books

Kindle Editions

A Kindle edition of your book is an ‘electronic’ or ‘digital’ version that can be purchased and read on an Amazon Kindle device. The kindle edition of your book is made using the online tools at Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing website.

As well as creating a kindle edition you can have your book available to buy in print using Amazon’s print-on-demand service.

Publishing as a kindle edition makes your book rapidly available to a huge marketplace.

You can publish your book as a kindle edition yourself or we can do it for you.


An ‘e-Book’ is usually a PDF file of your book which you can distribute yourself – either free of charge or on a pay-per-download basis.

Marketing your Self Publish book

Publishing your book yourself means you also take on the role of marketing and distributing it too.

Do not underestimate this role. As well as time and energy you may need to spend some money on promoting your book. For example if you have self published a book with a local historical interest you might want to:

  • Create a press release for local radio / newspaper
  • Provide a bulletin to local history society or interest groups
  • Host a talk about the subject matter and sell books
  • Book signing or launch event with a retailer
  • Get the book reviewed by magazines, websites, etc.

 When coming to the end of a book or project, be it mainly photographic or textual, it comes as something of a relief to be taking the work to First Digital Print at Porlock. I know I can shuffle, rearrange or alter the format, the typeface or the layout with confidence. Mark has always had time for the finer points and brings a professional confidence to those final important minutes before we decide to go to production. 

John Gilman

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